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Rapid design for estimation of costs of agro-food industry


The aim of the project, is to help the client prepare a realistic blueprint, with an economic estimate as close as possible to reality, to present to your customer.

The project consists of the following phases:

Design of the main structure, including storage silos.

Design of secondary structure for the area of processing according to the requirements of the customer.

Development and study of the implantation of pipe networks for the distribution of fluids to the processing area.

The tanks in plant layout and packaging machines.

Layout of the main lines of power distribution machinery.

Lists of the materials necessary for structure and accessories, pipes and trays for electrical cables and telecommunication, connecting elements.

Fast plans of workshop and Assembly for economic valuation.

Rendering of the body for corporate presentation to final customer.


Metal structures are developed directly in 3D, the same model used in the software of calculation FEM and BIM.

Main metal structure – Silos for storage and distribution.

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Secondary metal frame – filling product area.

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The level of detail in 3D both of the main structures and auxiliary elements, is maximum, for manufacturing documentation and lists of materials in a fast and accurate way.



  Details of design of joints and profiles.

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Details of stairs, gangways and access for maintenance.

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  We use 3D libraries provided by the manufacturers, with exact geometric data for quick estimations. Accelerate the calculation of costs and necessary units. Prevents dimensional errors, help in planning.


  Details of pumps for transport of liquids and control valves.

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  Details of filling pumps, control valves and process tanks

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  Directly from the model BIM-MEP of the facilities can obtain:

Number of pumps, valves and control elements

Necessary pipe fittings and lengths

Lengths and accessories tray cable

Anchoring to the floor points required

  In every project, we carry out an analysis of collision at the end of the design process, allowing us to quickly correct the interference between elements at an early stage, avoiding further problems.

  Early detection of interference between elements

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  Rendering of the project helps to understand the work done easily. It helps decision-making by end customers.

This project has been rendered in 3D with the following premises:

Rendering realistic so end customers make an exact idea of the proposal of installation

Avoid the costs of a long processing time

Renders at full HD resolution videos and reduced size


  Images from the render in full HD
  Video of the final rendering of the project for the customer.



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