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Architectural rendering and 3D modeling, BIM consulting

Customer we see how to develop 3D BIM models of a building, based on information provided by architects in 2D format. We also provide renderings for sales office.

The customer provides us with the following information:

 Shots (2D drawings) of the floors of the building.

Basic 3D model of the building. Basic information on volumes of building, not usable for rendering because of the low level of detail.


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 Once analyzed the information received, we take all 2D and 3D existing information and perform, a model of partial to advise the customer on the techniques of modeling BIM, which should be used to have a model of the building of high quality. The model BIM information can subsequently be used by engineers and architects.


To create a quick way to BIM model, we work with the following premises:

Modeling a partial area of the building, to provide to the customer the sufficient knowledge of the procedures to create a BIM model of quality.

Use the maximum number of libraries of commercial elements. This way you get a very realistic model of great precision.

Show the customer the BIM model, easily, without textures with shadows, so he understands the benefits of BIM models.

  Gallery of images of the BIM model



From BIM models, we carry out a fast rendering, with realistic lighting, shadows, and textures, so the customer can check the final quality, obtained following the preferred rendering process.



In the process of rendering the objective has been:

  Under rendering time, avoid unnecessary costs with a level of quality representative.

Textured and realistic lighting.

  Movement of some elements, to have one greater sense of be contemplating building in promotion.

  Transmit to the prospective buyer of the building, the image more realistic as possible of how it will be your work or business environment.


  Rendering 3D images Gallery



Final video rendering demo



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