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Consulting, analysis of hypothesis, design layout and installation of tanks for fuel storage.

The customer wants to assess whether in the plot that is available next to the existing storage tanks, is possible to build six new tanks. Another objective of the project is to use the BIM information, to make a fast and reliable economic assessment.

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Design of tanks of oil according to standards API 650 and the technical specification provided by the client.

FEM analysis of confirmation for the thicknesses obtained according to standard API 650.

Design of auxiliary structures (stairs, access, brackets, etc.).

List of materials and elements for economic valuation.


Storage facility.

Construction of the layout of the tanks, respecting measures of transit for vehicles between them.

Basic design of the auxiliary structures to support piping and distribution elements.

Mapping of pipelines for transport of fuel.

List of materials and elements for economic valuation.


Analysis of the layout, about plot existing proposals.

Creation of the 3D surface of the area from 3D digital cartography and orthophotography.

Layout of rail lines, existing access roads and surrounding buildings (only volumes).

Implementation of the Park of storage tanks.

Mapping of roads inside and outside, as well as connections to existing infrastructures.

Validation of the hypothesis.


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Customer presentations.

Rendering in 3D from the storage facility complete with textures.

Placement of lighting elements (IES files) according to night rendering client specifications.

Detailed photographs day and night.

Videos day and night rendered for final presentation to the owner of the storage facility.


Rendered in full HD images
Video presentation clients



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