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Engineering design, calculation and manufacturing of wind turbine component

For one of our clients – world leader in manufacture of wind turbines-, we carry out the optimization of the design of the outer casing for the coupling of power transmission, mechanical strength testing and the manufacture of a short series of parts in our own facilities in Valladolid – Spain.


The customer, international manufacturer of wind turbines, send us a proposal of manufacturing for a series of full outer shells, turnkey. Prior to manufacturing, we optimize the different parts that make up the outer shell, the following purposes:

Comply with the requirements of dimensional tolerances required by the customer.

Maximize the use of components with high definition plasma cut.

Minimizing machining time.

  Verify that the resistance of the final set, is equal to or superior to that required by the customer.


We develop the outer casing in a number of parts easy to manufacture, transport, assemble and paint.

Development in 3D of the outer casing.


On the development in 3D, it prioritizes:

  Using components easy to transport to the subcontractors.

  Easy to assemble in the welding phase.

  Optimization of trajectories of cutting the material, to avoid waste.

We take images directly from the 3D development, to prepare documentation easy to understand by the Welders.

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 We calculate and analyze through analysis FEM, the complete outer shell, including weldings

 FEM – finite element calculations-


In the process of calculation, for greater reliability, include welds in the model, as well as the complete thin surfaces. The result of the calculations provide us with the following information.

Efforts at all points of the piece.

Displacement of each of the points of the piece as a function of the applied load States.

Frequencies of coupling (vibratory analysis).

Safety factor, based on the strength of the material in each one of the points of the piece.

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From the 3D model, we elaborate renderings and videos rendered so that the customer can use them in its engineering and sales teams.


Gallery of photographs Full HD 3D rendered



3D video for corporate customer presentations


  We control integrally the manufacturing process from cutting and folding, to the finish, making the trial tests and measurements that the customer requires. In addition we maintain complete traceability of the material from its manufacturing.

Manufacture of the outer casing.


It is a turnkey project, we carry out all operations of planning, logistics, quality control, etc.

Manufacture of parts in our manufacturing facilities.

Cutting with high definition plasma, machining of edges on the same machine, without moving the piece, minimizing the positioning errors.

Folding machines with numerical control.

Continuous bead welding.

Integral hot galvanized.

Finish with epoxy coating.

The total number of manufactured parts has been 10 units.


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