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Transport system "Transmilenio" – Bogotá: consulting, development of economic and proposed offer of added value.

Customer – a prestigious Builder of Colombia – prompts to our partner in manufacturing, an economic offer for the complete manufacturing and shipping from Spain to Colombia one of the ramps of the transport system "Transmilenio" in Bogota.

We collaborate with our manufacturing partner, preparing models, calculations, and lists of materials, to develop an economic proposal in a short period of time, with high quality solutions.

Development of a full simplified 3D model

We built a quick 3D model, with all the necessary information, to provide the following information to our partner and its suppliers.

The number of elements that make up the ramp.

Dimensions and weights of the elements.

Information for the estimation of Assembly, welding and transport.

Generation of realistic 3D images, to facilitate the understanding of the structure, in the meetings of the task force.

Avoid errors of interpretation in the 2D drawings received.

Faster transmission of information

Use of the final 3D model, make renderings and visualizations to the final offer submitted to customer

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Images rendered, full HD from the ramp, in an urban context.

  In this project, is also designed a value proposition, presenting partner to the customer together with the economic offer. This proposal is based on the functional analysis of the parts, and their manufacturing methods.


After evaluating the functionality of each of the parts of the ramp, we have focused our efforts on the sides of the ramp. They are the more complex elements, they need a longer period of manufacture, due to the large number of parts that compose them.


The criteria used for the realization of the value proposition are:

Maintain the aesthetics of the system.

Maintain the mechanical strength or increase it.

Reduce the cost of installation and materials.

Avoid installation errors.

Reduce the number of components of the bridge.

Reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

Use the largest number of possible pieces, manufactured by laser cutting of high definition and folding machines.

Reduce the risk of injury to the hands of pedestrians on the railings of the bridge.


Comparison 3D design system "Transmilenio" and value proposition

The proposed design, significantly reduces the number of parts, due to the grouping of functions and the flexibility of the systems used.

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Analysis of resistance through calculation FEM

Both designs are equivalent in strength. The proposed design is slightly more elastic, applying less effort at the ends, delivering greater load on the shoulder straps. The end result is a structure that undergoes the same as the original, with a few better distributed efforts.WP p005 img018 v1

The initial goal has been reached. Make a proposal for improvement, with lower manufacturing cost, reduced Assembly complexity, lower maintenance cost, while maintaining the aesthetics of the transport system "Transmilenio".

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Images full HD 3D rendering


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