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Beam of great length for exhibition pavilion. Engineering design and consulting

One of our clients – a construction group with international presence – responsible for the development of a proposal for a design of a beam of 70 metres in length, for a project in public competition, a Pavilion, an exhibition centre.


The working hypothesis, for the design of the beam that tells us the client are:

The beam must be able to save a vain 70 meters.

The design of the ends, should be as simple as possible.

The beam must be passable, either by its top, or any gateway that can be you for subsequent maintenance work.

You must manufacture with materials easy to find, or to transport, to countries with limited steel supply markets.

Joints must be conducted using high resistance screws, to avoid installation problems and tensions of welding.

The transport should be avoided to the extent possible, the use of special transport.

Different parts of the beam must be assembled directly in the place of Assembly.

 After assessing different hypothesis of work, and based on the long experience of manufacturing and logistics in large-sized products, have opted for a beam of the following characteristics:

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Beam box type, made of pieces of sheet metal flat cutting & drilling facilita through plasma high definition, reinforcements and joint areas manufactured with 2 types of standard profiles.

Maximum length of the pieces to transport 8 meters.

Tornilleria of high resistance.

Suspenders in tensioned steel cable to minimize arrow in central area.

Bottom central arched to lighten the aesthetics and increase the stiffness and load capacity.

Mounting kit in beam placement area.


Calculation by FEM – FEM – from full beam.


To ensure the strength of the beam, we carry out different FEM calculations. With them we check:

Tensions of Von Misses the entire surface of the plates.

All points of beam deformation.

Safety factor of the material in all the points of the beam.

We make calculations at different stages:

First model, only formed by plates United without reinforcements or union – images that profiles are muestyran correspond to this model –

Second model, the previous model more you profiles of reinforcement and the union

Partial models: localized study of the behaviour of joints bolted in different areas (central and ends), this model includes all the elements that make up the beam, to study the behavior of bolted joints.



With this type of solution, we comply with all the specifications provided by the customer.


Gallery of photorealistic images.


So the customer can mostar within its proposal of Pavilion, designed in a real environment where to appreciate the dimensions of the same rendering multiple images in HD.



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