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Structure – cement 6-stage preheater design.


We develop a bolted structure of large dimensions for a pre-heater of 6 stages, part of a cement factory of new plant for our client that develops the preheater and the processing equipment for cement manufacturing.

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The development of this type of structures, requires a phase of concept Engineering where the entire structure, without the design of joints, is developed for analyzing the loads on the nodes. Once certain burdens, we proceed to the detailed design of the structure.
In our case the form of work is as follows.

Structure of conceptual way 3D design

Addiction of the hypotheses of loads, according to the code, use that indicates us the customer and the weight of the different elements that must support the structure, and equipment, as elements of the building itself.

Calculation by finite element (FEM) efforts in each of the elements of the structure.

Using the same 3D model, detailed design of joints efforts previously obtained data

Design of auxiliary elements (stairs, railings and concrete slabs).

Elaboration of plans of workshop and Assembly, as well as auxiliary documents (3D renderings, videos, etc.) to facilitate the correct installation of the structure.

We design all the elements that make up the structure in 3D to perform analysis of interference of each and every one of the elements, in addition to the sequence of Assembly through simulation 4

3D conceptual model of basic structure.


In this type of work as we interact with customers to take into account those modifications that customer makes in its proprietary design?

When the structure design process is affected by the modifications that customer will making your own design we have two alternatives.


If the customer has his designs in red or a database or own design management system, we connect to, and whenever the client modify its development, we incorporate the changes to our design. In this way the customer can verify in real time that our modifications are correct and validated by the. In this case the traceability of modifications the client manages them.

In the event that the customer does not have a design management system, we generate a private network between the client and our company, so we update the 3D model of your design and we recover it for inclusion in our design. Our final design is online and shared with the customer so that you have access at all times and can do the validations and corresponding comments. In this case the traceability of modifications we manage them for the customer. All documentation generated during the process, is stored online and the client has immediate access at all times.

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