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Proposals for a bridge over River Cabrera – Colombia

We have developed two basic proposal with different types of bridge (just beam and hanging) for one of the proponents of the invitation to tender published by the Department of Huila in order to build a new bridge over the river Cabrera, between the provinces of Tolima and Huila in Colombia.

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To obtain a viable proposal with realistic costs, weights and resistance values; We designed a set of box type beam, allowing you to incorporate transportation networks inside for current and future needs. We use the same concept of beam for the two proposed solutions. The design is carried out respecting the following premises


Make a 3D design, based on the use of steel up to 12 mm maximum thickness.

The main beam must be able to support transportation of different networks (supply of water, power, telecommunications, etc.).

Conception of Design materials steel, easy to find in the Colombian market.

The span of the bridge is 120 meters. To facilitate the construction and transportation, modular elements that simplify these tasks should be used.

Design must be conceived so that the final package can be assembled mainly by means of screw connections.

The bridge must allow the passage of vehicles and people.

We carry out the basic design in 3D, respecting the previous premises, in a way that the number of common elements is possible, using this design as a basis for the final detail engineering.


3D conceptual model of basic structure.

Technical images

Once the basic proposal process, provide customer all technical images requiring us and facilitate the presentation in the tender.


Gallery of photorealistic images.

So that recipients of the tender understand visual and quickly reach the bridge, is rendered several images with finished Photorealism with everyday objects, enabling immediate to understand the size and scope of the proposal.


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