3D/4D Simulation

robotics, manufacturing, construction, civil engineering, planning, decision making, logistics

What kind of simulations we carry out?

Robotic and industrial processes: assembling, welding, painting.

Building and civil works: analysis and development of construction, hypotheses feasibility analysis.

Analysis and decision making: performance optimization, determination of industrial resources needed for a given process, organizations analysis, staffing optimization, stock sizes optimization, logistics studies.

How we develop the simulations?

Following customer requirements and the type of wanted results, we use different tools of 2D/3D/4D simulation.

Generally for best results we combine several simulations in the same project, so we can provide visual results to our customers easy to understand. Also analytical results are provided.

We work collaboratively with our clients and sharing real-time models (cloud storage / cloud computing) to avoid communication problems and disruptions during the simulations cycles.

What are our competitive advantages for our customers?

Project preliminary phases: reducing the number of hypotheses to be evaluated for the final project.

Facilities: cycle time, operational performance, time impact analysis of maintenance and repair operations.

Building and Civil Works: analysis of the impact of existing infrastructure for new projects, management of assistants and contractors avoiding interference between them during different phases of construction.

Processes: optimized dimensioning of resources, adjustment of economic investment.

Facilitate executive decisions using the results obtained in the simulations.

For what sectors we carry out simulations?

Automotive and auxiliary
Civil works
Transport and distribution
Business management