management advisors, quality ISO 9001, process reengineering

Why do we offer consulting services?

Our team members have extensive experience of working in different positions within multiple types of company (multinational, medium and small businesses, family businesses, etc.).

We are highly trained professionals, in technical and management fields (engineering, architecture, MBA)

We believe that sharing our knoledge and experience with our customers, providing consulting services, will help and will enhance the capabilities of the customers in some of its areas of work and development.

Which consulting services do we provide?

Professional advice to either specific or general, situations in which our customers need external help or advice in the following fields: engineering, architecture, or business administration.

Quality ISO 9001:2008. Help our customers in the implementation of the ISO norm, conducting of internal audits, initial quality management system diagnostics, management process optimization, monitoring and renewal of certificates.

Reengineering of business processes in order to improve cost and quality of services.

How we carry out our consulting services?

On site: To those customers that require it, and depending on the work nature, we can work from our customer's offices (our mobility is international) to carry out all the necessary works on-site during the necessary time period to achieve the commitments.

Online: Whether physical displacement is not necessary, to reduce the customers costs,we develop the work virtual-online, working collaboratively with our clients through "cloud services" or virtual services.

What are our competitive advantages for the customers?

Easy access to a highly skilled multidisciplinary team with a great experience, geographic availability and fast response to the requirements of customers.

Simple and fast implementation of the ISO 9001 standards of quality in their organizations.

Costs reduction, by carry out part of the services in a virtual way.