Manufacturing services

metal sheet cutting, metal sheet bending, metal welding

What type of parts we manufacture?

Parts in steel and non-ferrous materials, with thicknesses range from 0,3 to 50 mm. , up to 2,5 meters width and up to 20 meters lenght.

We are specialized in complex and large metal parts.

We can supply full assembled or welded products, with different surface finishing.

Due to the flexibility of the manufacturing workshop and the vast experience of our staff our manufacturing and shipping times are reduced.

Our partner workshop is located in Spain (Valladolid) with certified ISO 9001:2008, which guarantees the full quality of the manufactured products.

We carry out control of traceability of the materials used in the manufacture and it is an accessible information by our customers.

Metal cutting equipment.

High definition plasma cutter with integrated machining center (drilling, milling and tapping). Extension range 2250 mm x 16100 mm. Cutting thickness: products ferrous up to 40 mm, non-ferrous metals up to 30 mm.

Oxycutting machine: Extension range 2250 mm x 16100 mm. with a capacity up to 300 mm thickness for ferrous metals.

Band saw for cutting profiles: 750 mm max. profile size capacity.

Metal shear machine: Cutting length 6 meters, thickness 6 mm.

Sheet metal cutting line: Transverse and longitudinal cutting (even simultaneously) for coils of the following dimensions: max thickness 3mm, coil maximum width 1500 mm.

Sheet metal bending equipment.

6 meters length bending machine: Max. material thickness 8 mm. Maximum bending force 250 Tm. Throat 550 mm.

8 meters lenght bending machine: Two 4 meters independent modules working in tandem layout or independent. Max. bending thickness in tandem 15 mm (8 meters lenght). Max. bending thickness alone layout 30 mm. (4 meters lenght). Throat 750 mm.

Who are our manufactured parts customers, to what countries we export the parts?

Some of our customers are large well known multinationals from automotive and renevable energies sectors. Most of our customers are small and medium-sized companies

We are currently exporting parts manufactured in Spain to the next countries: Colombia, Peru, Chile.

As a value added service, if customer requires we can manage all the shipping logistics including documentation at customs and certified shipping list by a certifier company.