Process development

development, analysis, simulation, implementation, planning

What kind of processes we develop?

We develop industry-oriented metal manufacturing processes, especially for automotive and transportation (machining and assembly of components).

In addition we are currently applying our extensive knowledge in automocion processes to other industries, such as construction, and assembly of other sectors.

Also in collaboration with our partners, we develop turnkey installations.        

How we develope the processes?

All developed processes are based on the use and application of 3D/4D design and simulation software.

Develop complete processes virtually, to analyze all process variables, detect problems of installation performance, optimizing operational performance thereof, planning preventive maintenance, etc.

Work collaboratively with our clients, sharing real-time models (cloud storage / cloud computing) to avoid communication problems and disruptions in the cycle of processes development.

Simulate the processes in real time, so the customer can validate it, with the certainty of its correct operation in real life.

What are our competitive advantages for our customers?

Reduction of development time and implementation.

Early detection of problems in virtual installations, solve them without any further physical modifications.

Reduction of running costs over the life of the installation.  

Increase of quality of the manufactured product as the result of the optimized process.

For what sectors we develop processes?

Automotive and auxiliary: Machining, assembly, logistics management.

Transportation: Logistics Management

Construction: Assembly of prefabricated structures. BIM workflow.

Oil: Logistics, distribution and storage of the product.

Alternative energy: machining, assembly and maintenance.