Product Development

design, analysis, simulation and verification

What type of products we develop?

We focus on the development of metal products, which later will be manufactured by techniques of folding, laminating, machining, cutting and welding.

We specialize in large-sized products.

Also in collaboration with our partners, we develop complete sets including mechanical drive systems, motion control, etc.

How we develope the products?

All our products are developed directly using the latest generation of 3D software.

Use the software required by our customers (optional) for seamless integration in their development and work flows.

Work collaboratively with our customers, sharing real-time models (cloud storage / cloud computing) to avoid communication problems and ruptures of the design cycle.

Calculate products through FEM (finite element) technique to ensure mechanical strength requirements imposed by the customer.

Simulate 3D manufacturing product processes to check the future viability of the product during its final manufacturing process.

What are our competitive advantages for our customers?

Reduction of cycle time for product development.

Early problems and failures detection (both product functionality and manufacturing) during product development phase.

Reduction of development costs due to the elimination of physical prototypes.

Increase of quality design in products and development cycles.

For what sectors we develop products?

Automotive and auxiliary industries: Packaging, supporting structures, auxiliary structures, assembly areas.

Transportation: Development of trailers, tippers and auxiliary elements.

Construction: Metallic profiles development and structural parts.

Oil industry: Development of deposits under regulations and auxiliary structures.

Alternative energy: Development of support structures for solar energy, development of mechanical parts for wind turbines.