Project development and management

analysis of hypothesis, planning, development, monitoring, implementation and control

How do we collaborate with our customers in the development and management of projects?

From the beginning to the end of the projetcs, we collaborate and work closely with our customers, to fulfill all the projetc's phases and reach the project commitments in the most effective way.

In the different phases of the projects. What kind of works we execute?

Draft or preliminary phase: preparation, analysis and evaluation of the different hypothesis. Cost analysis and assessment. Corporate presentations.

Project development: design, calculation, simulation, validation and documentation of the project and its phases.

Management of project's quality: Throughout the whole project development, standards ISO 9001:2008 will be applied, as well as in all the processes deliverables in each of the planning stages. Carrying out of the periodical internal audits required for the correct achievement of quality commitments.

Planning and cost control: Design of project planning, activities tracking, detection of deviations, early alerting, control of costs and resources.

Start-up: assistance during start up to achieve the required performance level.

What are our competitive advantages for our customers?

Easy access to a multidisciplinary, highly qualified team, with a great experience, availability geographic and rapid response to the needs of customers.

Cost control in project, avoiding the "incidentals".

Rapid development of the project using all the tools 2D/3D/4D that we usually use in specific areas to reduction of developement times.

Virtual presence for communication and intensive use of online and cloud services, avoiding unnecessary travel costs and expenses.

For which industries we carry out project management?

         Automotive and auxiliary.
         Civil works.
         General Industry.
         Transport and logistics.
         Business management.